How To Stop Cramps


A Women’s Guide: 

Getting Rid of Cramps

How to get rid of menstrual cramps easily? What happens when you get menstrual cramps? The muscles in your uterus contracts amid your period. Here and, when the uterus contracts, it exerts a pressure on other veins, thereby cutting off the oxygen supply. Most menstrual cramps are not genuine and don’t flag that something isn’t right with your body. Severe pain amid menstrual cramps could flag a possibly more concerning issue. In the event that you want straightforward and effective medicines for menstrual cramps, go through the following points listed below.


Ginger soothes muscles and helps fighting cramps. It is one of the safe and natural home remedies for getting relief from menstrual cramps. If you are getting bad period cramps, try taking ginger tea. Ginger is much effective as ibuprofen and just taking ginger tea acts wonders while you are suffering from bad period pain. It acts as cramp reliever. Ginger is an effective herb in making irregular periods to regular and helps in fighting fatigue as well.


Exercising during periods can sound tough but it really works in getting relief from muscle cramps during periods. Any type of physical activity or just brisk walking can help easing the belly pain. If you are getting painful menstrual cramps, it is advisable to exercise four to five times in a week to maintain good health and to help reduce the belly pain.


For getting relief from menstrual cramps, basil acts as an effective herb. Basil is containing caffeic acid that had pain kicking properties and helps getting relief from pain during menstruation. You can add to approximately one cup of boiling water, one tablespoon of basil leaves and then drink this water when it is cool. You will get relief from cramps after few hours of drinking this basil water. You can also extract the juice of basil leaves by crushing some basil leaves and add this juice to approximately one cup of warm water. Drinking this water can help you get relief from period pains. It is also good if the basil leaves can be added to food, it helps in reducing pains during menstruation.


One of the best home remedies for getting relief from pain and discomfort due to menstrual pain is by drinking cinnamon tea. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also anticlotting as well as antispasmodic properties that help relieving cramps. You can easily make cinnamon tea at home by adding about one fourth of cinnamon powder in about one cup of hot water. After stirring it for about five minutes, add some honey to this water. Sip it slowly. It helps to prevent cramps when taken three to four times on first day of period.


Fennel helps in relieving cramping and discomfort due to menstrual pains. You can add about one teaspoon of fennel seeds to one cup of boiling water. Remove the mixture from heat and add about one teaspoon of honey and mix it properly. You can drink this hot to see the best results. It is good if you can start taking this mixture or tea about three days before the menstrual cycle starts to get relief from the menstrual cramps. It can be taken two times in a day.

Having an orgasm helps with cramps. While it might seem counterintuitive to engage in sexual activity during menstrual cramping, sexual activity can be a great way to relieve symptoms. Orgasms help to relieve cramping by stimulating blood flow, releasing endorphins, and killing pain.[32] Plus they might serve as a welcome distraction from your pain.